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We’re looking for curious, open-minded, highly motivated Ph.D. students & postdoctoral fellows who love challenging research, and developing novel, rigorous approaches to answer scientific questions. Applicants with backgrounds in physical and/or biological sciences (any field) who are interested in interdisciplinary research are strongly encouraged. We provide the training if you bring the brains, energy & enthusiasm. Candidates should exhibit/show potential to develop outstanding analytical, technical, experimental design & communication skills, and demonstrate strong knowledge of literature in their M.Sc. & Ph.D. research fields, as well as safe laboratory practices. Animal work is not required for all projects, but applicants for projects involving animals must commit fully to understanding and adhering to ethical standards of animal work.



Please apply by October 1 of year before start date (September of following year).

Grad students & PDFs carrying their own external funding can apply at any time.

Start Sep 2019: 1 UofT 2nd or 3rd year undergrad work study student

Start Sep 2020: 1 Ph.D. student, 1 2nd or 3rd year UofT undergrad work study student

Start Sep 2021 & every year thereafter: 1 PDF, 1 Ph.D. student, 1 2nd or 3rd year UofT undergrad work study student

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT recruiting staff, or M.Sc. students who have not already trained in our lab as undergraduates.



1) C.V. including all work & research experience, list of all published & submitted papers & abstracts, scholarships & awards

2) two-page statement describing what you’d like to study in our lab & your career goals

3) list of scholarships for which you’re eligible (with links)

4) contact info for 3 references

5) current transcripts. 

Important: when you send the application materials, please include the phrase “Complete application materials” in the email subject line.

DEADLINES FOR APPLICATION SUBMISSION: Oct 1 for Sept start dates in the following year. Applicants who meet basic eligibility requirements will be contacted by email to complete a screening questionnaire within 1-2 weeks of submission of a complete application. Phone interviews of successful long list applicants are conducted in November. In-person interviews/site visits of short-list applicants are conducted in December. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Ph.D. applicants with grade point averages less than 3.3 on a 4.0 scale (B+) in graduate courses, and cannot respond to candidates who do not provide a complete application at time of inquiry.

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